Virtual Mixology Events


Entertain yourselves with a fun and interactive online Virtual Cocktail Making Class with cocktail making kits provided.

Get your team together and join this cocktail making experience streamed live on  Zoom, learn how to make the perfect shaken martini that would impress Mr Bond himself. Spoiled for choice with a decent variety of fun to make cocktails to pre-select before the class, skilled mixologists will guide you through the tips and tricks of cocktail making during your virtual session.

A few days before the virtual cocktail class you'll each receive directly to your door a small parcel containing a cocktail making set with all the tools required which you also get to keep!
7 days per week. Any group size. Great banter guaranteed.

Virtual Cocktail Making Class!

Hen Parties

cocktail making activities

Inspired by the current Covid climate, the online cocktail making class is a "must" for any virtual event!

cocktail class online

Corporate Events

team building

Learn to craft cocktails like a Pro online with insider knowledge from some of the Ireland's skilled mixologists!

online classes
virtual cocktail class

Birthday parties

mixology classes

Private virtual mixology classes perfect for groups of friends looking for an interactive virtual happy hour!

cocktail classes
mixology class online

Cocktail Making Class OnLine

We make Social Distancing fun, online bartending classes!


Cocktail Making Classes OnLine

The Inclusions

Each virtual session includes a class for 3 drinks.
Cocktail making kits will be delivered to your location a few days before the event due date.


Team & Mixology Introduction

The mixologist will introduce himself and the team building activity will start with a short history of the 3 drinks, plus a brief presentation of the cocktail making equipment and the techniques used to make them.


The Cocktail Making Sessions

Each virtual session will last 45 - 75 minutes.
During your cocktail making class, the mixologist will teach you how to make 3 cocktails from a preselected menu.
Participants need to supply alcohol & ice, we supply the tools, cocktail mixers and fancy cocktail plastic glassware!

The barware tools are yours to keep!


Mixology Games - The Premium Class

Guests will be invited to take part to a virtual cocktail making competition!

Remaining in teams and using their newly acquired knowledge of cocktail mixing methods, groups will chose one of the drinks they learned to make and will work together to mix it up as a team and finish first.

Points will be awarded for shaking technique and style, taste, look and overall presentation. Groups can not ask for help from the mixologist as points will be deducted! Teams can name the cocktail to sum up the core value of their company’s brand for extra points!


Goodie Bags

Goodie bags containing cocktail mixers and syrups are also available starting from €49.99 per kit, a minimum notice of 7 days is required if you would like to include them in the offer.



Mixology - Cocktail making activities for fun

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